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Card Readers


At CV Vending, we've embraced the future with our state-of-the-art technology, designed to make your vending experience an absolute joy! You can forget about fumbling for spare change; our sophisticated machines are more than ready to interact seamlessly with a variety of payment options, such as bank cards and Apple Pay. With everything streamlined to prioritize your convenience, you'll be happily enjoying your snacks or beverages in no time, thanks to our commitment to using cutting-edge technology that's here to make your life easier, faster, and simply better. So, the next time you come across one of our CV Vending machines, take a moment to appreciate our dedication and innovation, just as you enjoy your favorite treat with a smile!

We Belive 


At CV Vending we are passionate about exceptional service and take pride in our commitment to providing sparkling clean and well-stocked vending machines, brightening your day with a seamless snacking experience. With us, you can always count on fresh, delicious, and diverse selections to re-energize and uplift your spirits. We constantly strive to exceed expectations by promptly responding to any feedback and incorporating innovative solutions to serve you better. 

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I have had the pleasure of using CV Vending for quite a while now, and I've gotta say, they are far and away the best vending machine company around!

Alexa Milton, CA

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